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cheap and fast

TLDR; Automate, Dedicated talent, Empower teams, Choose Webscale Building digital services in an enterprise environment is most of the time depressingly slow and ridiculously expensive. Why? Legacy systems, organizational silos, scattered responsibilities, bad vendor contracts, complex environments, security requirements… it all adds up. A simple web form development project becomes a 1 year, 1 M€ […]

Serverless in re:Invent 2017

This years re:Invent was a blast! Great announcements, solid sessions, hilarious gameday, fun networking opportunities and what a re:Play after party with DJ Snake! Personally this was third in a row and best one so far! I’ve been working with serverless systems for the past year and that’s what was in my scope! I was […]

Avoiding SEO pitholes when building Single Page Apps in AWS

Requirements for satisfying web user experience are growing fast and it is becoming increasingly difficult to fulfill those requirements with traditional server side rendered web pages. Users want immediate feedback and fluid transitions. JavaScript Single Page Applications (SPA) can provide just that, highly responsive user interfaces without freezing page loads. SPAs are quickly replacing traditional […]