A full year in cloud business


This autumn Webscale reached an important milestone as it was one year ago we started the company. And what a year it has been! During our first twelve months we went through a crash course in entrepreneurship and IT sales, and of course refined our AWS expertise even further.

Overall, we are very pleased with the choices we made and how we have been able to push towards our goals. Especially our decision to put all in on Amazon Web Services has turned out to be the right one. In the past year, several leading companies put their trust in our new company to help them develop their cloud services. Being able to work closely with our clients and providing solutions that utilize the full potential of the cloud is really the best reward for all the hard work and investment we have put in.

Future looks bright for Webscale as there is growing interest in our services. We are committed to answer to that demand and therefore we are now looking for talented people to join our ranks. If you are experienced in the software business and already have strong AWS knowledge, you might be just the right person for the job. We offer partnership programme and challenging role with real opportunities to influence our growing company. Send your CV to rekry@webscale.fi. For more information about working at Webscale, call Jukka +358 50 301 1297.

Henri Meltaus
Henri Meltaus
CTO, Senior Cloud Architect, Partner